Our School


Our School

Meadowlands Public School has an enrolment of 425 students who represent a wide range of cultural and socio‐economic backgrounds. The school philosophy is to be inclusive of all students and to respect differences while celebrating common values. Staff and students work together to build a safe and friendly community based on mutual respect. Students are given many opportunities to be contributing citizens to school life and to develop leadership through programs such as lunch monitors, class buddies and special event coordinators and participants. Dynamic school spirit is demonstrated by the active involvement of many students in student athletics, all‐school assemblies and lunchtime clubs and activities. Field trips and visitors to the school enrich the experiences of all.


Our Students

MeadowlandsP.S. is a JKtoGrade 6 schoolwith approximately 425students from a wide range ofculturalandsocio‐economic backgrounds.We offer both an Early FrenchImmersionprogramandaRegularEnglishProgram with CoreFrench.In September2013, Meadowlands P.S.will have full daykindergarten.

Whenourstudents completeGrade6,mostattendSirWinstonChurchill Public School for Grades 7 and8.Some students also optfor theMiddleFrench Immersionprogram atCarletonHeightsPublicSchoolatthe beginningof Grade4.

Our Staff

This year, MeadowlandsPublicSchoolhas astaff ofapproximately35. This includes a PrincipalandVice‐Principal, full‐time and part‐time teachers,educational assistants,apart‐time Library Technician, anOfficeAdministrator,an Office Assistant, aChiefCustodianandafull‐timeevening custodian. Staff members are committedtoprofessional developmentby attendingworkshopsand maintaining currentknowledgeofeducational theoryandpractice.Manyteachers on staffhave additionalqualificationsincluding specialistqualifications,Masters degrees and courses suchas Non‐ViolentCrisis Intervention,Collaborative Problem Solving, Restorative Justice, First AidandCPR. Teachers volunteermanyhourstoprovide students withextra‐curricular opportunitiesfor athleticsand clubsfor diverse areas of interest. Teamwork andcollaborationamongthe staffmembers and supportof eachothersetanexampleforstudents inthe school

Our Community

MeadowlandsP.S. values theinvolvementandsupportofthe surroundingcommunity.Parentand community volunteers contribute inclassrooms,andhighschool and college co‐operative educationstudentsand student teachersfromuniversityFaculties of Educationare welcomedintotheschool. As a recognized HealthyActive School, we haveapartnershipwithOttawaPublicHealthandourPublicHealthNurse. SchoolCouncil workstirelesslyto contributetoschoolactivities. Studentsdemonstratetheirconcernfor othersbyinvolvementinsuchcharitable events as Toonies for Autism, holiday food drives,TerryFox Run,Jump Rope forHeartandotherfundraisers for various causes.

Mission Statement

At Meadowlands, committed staff members work co‐operatively to establish a positive, safe, and caring environment, allowing each learner to actively develop the basic skills, concepts, and attitudes that encourage each child to become a confident, contributing member of society.

Facilities and Resources

MeadowlandsP.S. is fortunate to have agreat facility. Classes havehigh ceilingsandlarge windows.The large, safe yard featuresbasketball hoops,soccergoalposts, a baseball diamond,atri‐ball hoop,atetherball,pavement games and a largenew playstructure (completedSeptember2010)withinahuge sandbox.

The doublegymnasium canaccommodatetwo classes atone time. Thecomputerlabboasts 30 studentcomputers and a projector for computerteaching.In classes we haveseveral media carts with laptops andprojectors andseveral classrooms employ SmartBoards.

Programs and Services

Academic Programs

Meadowlands P.S. is a dual‐track school offering English and Early French Immersion (EFI) programming for students from kindergarten to grade 6. Students in English receive Core French instruction in all grades, while EFI students receive 1 hour of English instruction from grade 2‐6. The Learning Support Teacher, the Learning Resource Teacher and the English as a Second Language teacher provide support to all students in grades 1‐6. In September 2013, Meadowlands P.S. will offer full day kindergarten.


Classroom Organization

Meadowlands P.S. is a community school presently organized into 14 classes.

Regular English Classes

  • Four kindergartenclasses
  • Grade 1
  • Grade 1/2
  • Grade 2/3
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 4/5
  • Grade 6

Early French Immersion

  • Grade 1
  • Grade 1/2
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 2/3
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5
  • Grade 6

Special Education and ESL Programs

Our Special Education and ESL teachers support children within their classes and provide small group support as needed. Students at Meadowlands receive in‐school support from special education teachers, including gifted students, students with learning disabilities, with autism and hearing impaired students. Many students are also supported by school board special education staff who work in the school. English Language Learners are supported in classes and in small groups in the school by regular classroom teachers and ESL teachers.

Clubs and Activities

Organized activities at Meadowlands P.S. include sports and clubs, and vary from year to year depending on student interest. Sports available to junior and/or primary students usually include volleyball, basketball, Borden ball, soccer, cross‐country running, sideline soccer, ball hockey, track and field and skipping. Clubs include such diverse interests as environmental club, mathematics games club, yearbook club, chess club, science club, craft club and the newly formed glee club. Older students are given many opportunities for service to the school as kindergarten helpers, milk monitors, and lunch monitors. Special activities for all include the Terry Fox Run, Jump Rope for Heart, Toonies for Autism, regular whole‐school assemblies, awards assemblies, class field trips, special presentations and/or performances by visitors to the school, spirit days, holiday food drive, Education Week activities and holiday celebrations.

Safe Schools Initiatives

The Code of Behaviour for Meadowlands P.S. is founded on the principle that each individual in the school community has both rights and responsibilities, which govern all actions and attitudes. Students are encouraged to reflect and act on these rights and responsibilities and to develop respect for themselves and others. Values and Character Education is taught through classroom and whole‐school activities. A Roots of Empathy program has been in place for several years. Meadowlands P.S. subscribes to the goals of the Safe and Caring Schools program of the OCDSB. Students learn skills to make informed choices and to solve problems. The Safe Arrival Program ensures that all students are accounted for each day. Clearly identifiable teachers supervise the schoolyard before school and during recesses. Duty teachers carry walkie‐talkies so that they can contact the office in cases of emergency,

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